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Chosen Prophecy News

Chosen Prophecy has MOVED!

DemoAnte, Jan 4, 13 2:28 PM.

Chosen Prophecy has MOVED!

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Temple of Oseka Beaten by Chosen Prophecy 10/19/2012

Braveheart_EQ, Oct 19, 12 1:43 PM.

Chosen Prophecy: Resplendent Temple

Braveheart_EQ, Sep 11, 12 10:53 PM.

Resplendent Temple Beaten by Chosen Prophecy 09/11/2012


August 20th Miragul's Nightmare (HoT Back flagging) & Beast Domain (VoA)

Braveheart_EQ, Aug 20, 12 1:52 AM.
Chosen Prophecy continues their efforts to back flag our newest members, while pushing forward in VoA. Tonight we beat Miragul, and laid waste to the Beast in Beasts Domain.

Come be part of our team, and you too can advance in current content, while experiencing the previous expansion you may have missed. Come be a high end raider and you can be as powerful as the Warrior shown here:

Note: Picture is not edited and shows true stats.

August 14th, 2012

Braveheart_EQ, Aug 15, 12 1:47 PM.

Tuesday August 14th, Chosen Prophecy had another fun filled night. We killed King of Beasts yet again.

Then went jumped back one expansion to back flag some new members. We did Raid Expedition: Guardian of the House


& Raid Expedition: At World's End


Welcome our newest Members:
Colmillo (Cleric), Anguus (Warrior), Persistor (Warrior), Kalamorf (Warrior), 
Attla (Cleric), Carel (Bard),  & Michiela (Wizard).

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